Gill: "I thoroughly recommend Susan's art classes.  I have enjoyed the fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can explore different drawing technniques and materials. Susan gives guidance and advice without over interfering and has the knack of encouraging in a way that makes you persevere to produce work you will be proud of."

Liz: "I look forward to my Thursday mornings so much, wondering what challenge Susan has planned for us, and meeting up with a lovely like-minded bunch of now friends ... Susan is such a good teacher and a wonderfully warm individual.  Her honest critique-ing of our work always comes in the form of constructive criticism and huge encouragement. There are many great artists our there, but it is a skill to be such a great teacher as well.  My life is all the better for these classes!"

Nanette:  "I had planned to join the first block to get back into drawing after a long break, knowing Susan's beautiful pencil work seen at Open Studios over the past few years.  Susan's thoughtful sensitive approach to nurturing the developing skills of a diverse group of students has enabled us all to work with more confidence and be prepared to experiment with unfamiliar materials amd media." 

Alan: "Susan's classes are a breath of fresh air in my week.  Until I started working with Susan, I was self-taught.  Nothing I had at school or as an architeture student compares with what I have learnt in the last year with Susan. When I go to galleries I see things with new eyes.  Using a range of media, Susan's lessons and the course as a whole have a clear structure, she is encouraging and offers clear feedback, often demonstrating what she can see that I have missed. Her graded exercises and drills - and seeing what other class members do with them - have helped me to learn how to use materials in ways I had not thought of before."